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Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Enervated Ufology

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What strikes me, more than anything, about UFO buffs and ufologists is how lazy and unenergetic the UFO crowd is.

Seeing UFO personalities on those gagly UFO TV shows, aside from how sloppily dressed and scruffy they look, I notice that there is no spark or sparkle in their presentations. (Well, there’s Giorgio A. Tsoukalos, Ancient Astronaut guru, but that’s it.)

Even visiting UFO web-sites and blogs, one sees a dearth of energy or vibrant creativity; everything is somnambulistic.

The topic and the people immersed in it are old, generally, so they are tired but even the younger set, 50 or so in age, are without youthful vim and vigor.

UFO topics are presented in cob-webby environments, often in black with white text, a sure sign of a depressive patina.

“The bloom is off the rose” as the old saying goes, and it surely is off the gaggle of UFO “celebrities” who show up on those awful television portals.

UFOs and ufology need a spark of energy and dynamic thought, but from where will it come?

Youth (millennials and Gen Z “kids”) have other fish to fry, it seems.

(As you can see by my word use and references that I fall into that aged, cranky category that I’m disparaging here.)

Anyway, let’s see some spirited and vigorous ufology, flush with vibrant personalities, well-scrubbed and refined in dress so that the topic is highlighted by energy, not the muted refrains of the deathly crew now navigating the UFO story into oblivion.



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